My iPhone Setup

I was in the midst of a good discussion about aesthetics and simplifying the iPhone experience and in the process I took a screenshot of my home page to send out to make my point.

As I was explaining the reasoning behind my home page and why I keep it simple and sparse, I realized it would be a good example of the restrictions I’m purposely giving myself.

My current home screen:

iPhone 15 Pro home page

The idea is to have a simple dark background, blurred when the phone is open, and only the applications I use daily here. Everything else is hidden and accessible when I need it by searching or swiping left to get to all apps in the phone (which are not that many more beyond these).

This simple approach does two things: allows me to quickly open what I use every day without having to search for it, and restricts me from spending unnecessary time on the device. As you can see the sound has been turned off, and I get no alerts on the phone. It's a quiet device.

The apps here are, in order of appearance:

Simple and useful.