Quiet Devices

It’s been three years already since I decided to quiet my phone and computers.

I was constantly getting bombarded with notifications, pings, things moving and other annoying distractions. So, I quieted all that.

I started with my iPhone. I disabled all the notifications and sounds. No more things popping up, no more annoying noises when you don’t need them, and no more distractions when you are reading an email or article. I set it to silent mode and only allow vibrating alerts from critical people or software.

It’s been quiet ever since.

I did the same with my Mac and Linux machines. No alerts, no pings, and no OS sounds. If I have a new email, it’ll sit there until I check my inbox. If I get a new Slack message (on my work computer) it’ll sit there until I decide to check Slack. Only critical alerts are allowed in.

Silent. Simple. Purposeful.