2024 will either send this country in a downward spiral, towards becoming another failed country, or, if we the - rational - people get our shit together we can still save the greatest country of the world.

We have elections coming and the options are not good. Neither. On either side. But one of the sides is even worse, because he wants to destroy freedom to become a king, and his followers are stuck in ways that led to violence and sorrow. I had a few runs into these magassholes. For example, magasshole 1 and magasshole 2. They are special, in a not so special way.

The other side is not much better. They are also destroying freedom, with their DEI agendas that make no sense, their inhability to accept, in spite of their supposedly openness and woke-policy, that people are different and they have different opinions, and the fact that they support other groups that are the opposite of what they should be supporting (terrorists in the middle east, for example).

So, no good options. Both candidates are old, and without a second in command that can take over if they die... Not a good place to be, IMHO. However, one is worse and I hope, goes to jail for insurrention or instigating to create one.

Just look at his magassholes.

Just look at them.