They Hijacked the Flag

I was in the store the other day buying some food and supplies, and this guy approached me and asked: "Are you one of those MAGA crazies?"

I was wearing a hat with an American flag. I asked: "Why do you think I’m a MAGAsshole?"

And he replied: "You are wearing a hat with the American flag."

This put me in a very bad place, anger rose very quickly. I replied, almost screaming: "Since when is the American flag synonymous with extreme and crazies? When did the symbol of freedom stop representing everyone in this country, both born here and as immigrants? When?!"

He lowered his eyes and apologized.

Still, this got me thinking about the sad state of affairs. Old Glory, the American Flag, the Stars and Stripes, is OUR flag. It belongs to ALL Americans and symbolizes freedom. Soldiers carry it to combat, first responders, workers, and sports teams carry it as well. The colors are bright like the chance for a better life that they represent. The American flag is for all Americans.

Fuck MAGA and their bullshit. They are trying to hijack OUR flag. Don’t let them.

And no, I’m not on the left. They have their own issues as well. I’m just a guy, sitting in the middle, wishing politics would just fucking stop being so shitty in this country.

Extremes are bad.