Too Much

"Further we go
And older we grow
The more we know
The less we show"

The Cure, Primary

I realized over the weekend that I’m tired of all the drama and the politics. I’m saturated with noise and meaningless chatter, always trying to send my way useless information that I never requested. Worse, that information is most of the time unchecked, so I can’t even trust it, whether interested in it or not.

This realization is not new, I’ve had it many times before, but this time I’m older and, some might nod, more curmudgeon. With this comes the exhaustion of experience. By this I mean, the more experienced you are, the more you have lived, the less you give a fuck about stuff you shouldn’t give a fuck. I’m at this point, where I’m so tired of all the bullshit that all I want to do is to find a nice, quiet, and secluded piece of land somewhere up in the north of the country, move in, and just selectively choose when I expose myself to the noise. Live and work in quiet, hang out with the few real friends I have, and enjoy life.


Too much noise with politics, with people trying to voice their “side” and how “it’s better than yours”. Too much screaming and lack of hearing. Too much social media and media in general, polluting the senses with crap. Too much of this, of that, of meaningless.

Too much.

I think it’s time to start searching for that place. Simplify all, minimize all, and just move.