I began working on a rather complex application. As I plan the different moving parts, I found that having a clear collection of bite-size achievable tasks helps with continuously moving forward and pushing through the list of what needs to be done. That is key to achieving anything, I think. Small achievable tasks.

This is what I settled on after trying several things, a method of sorts.

Right before you start each big task, complete the following in as much detail as possible:

This will lay in front of you a clear image of what you’re doing and what the definition of complete is, things you missed and need to add or things you need to change, and an initial level of effort needed.

Next, select the big thing you need to accomplish and divide it into the smallest possible parts you can think of. For example, “thing: write the word Hello”, “task: write the letter H”, “task: write the letter e”, etc.

Finally, grab each bite-size task and prioritize them. List them by their priorities and go execute!

I personally use a slightly modified Eisenhower Matrix for this, and I use Auer Tasks to keep track of each task.

So far, using this method, which I agree is a bit cumbersome in the beginning, has pushed my productivity to higher levels.

But, I’m sticking with it.

More on the new application soon.