Know Your Target

Many moons ago I was taught a lesson that remained with me. A lesson I applied many times outside the military:

“Target dictates the weapon.
The weapon dictates the movement.”


People focus on the tools they need, or how to get to places, before anything else. I argue that first and foremost, you need to understand what the target is. The goal is the most important thing you need to set right.

Once you know what the goal or target is, you can then understand what you’ll need to achieve that. You can match the gear or the tools you'll need to a specific mission, hence enhancing your chances of success.

Finally, once you know the target, and the tools you’ll need, you can focus on how you’ll get there. Whether “getting there” means physical movement, or a collection of steps needed to get to the end of the plan, having an understanding of the tools or gear you are using will serve the purpose of knowing what you can do and how you can move to achieve the goal.

Do not neglect any of these steps.

Know the target. Then, and only then, get your gear right. Finally, when you know your gear, you can plan your movement.