I Wouldn't Read This

I tend to get angry at stupidity. It irritates me to no end when people are just stupid, or, most likely, don’t think things through. And before you get all “who do you think you are...” on me, yes, I am stupid too, but, unlike the kind of people I'm talking about, I’m trying to learn from my own stupidity and not repeat it.


Thinking about it more, though, I realized the statement above is a generalization, and one that is pretty bad. Sorry for that. Still, the more I think about it and check the list the things that annoy me from these people, there more I see that there is a common pattern that emerges: lack of care.

So, maybe, I should substitute “stupidity” with “carelessness”, but this doesn’t quite cut it. Sure, some people are careless, usually absent minded or simply too stressed out or busy to care. I’m one of those people, I get it.
Here, thought, I'm talking about people going through life either oblivious to what they are doing and how this affects people around them, or the really stupid, uneducated and plain dumb people, which somehow seem to be growing in numbers. The former really bugs me, but the latter... Well, it's scary. Those people really need to be prevented from accessing things like driving cars, operating machinery, working in hospitals, or things with high levels of consequence when their stupidity gets in the way - like the TSA...

Yes, I'm stupid too, and probably I'm making an ass out of myself now, which points to that stupidity, however dealing with these people is getting frustrating to the point that I needed to write it down, just so I could calm down.


Maybe they are right, and I'm wrong. Maybe being stupid and oblivious is a better way. Maybe in order to be liberated from all this mental burden and pain I need to stop giving a fuck, become careless about what people around me are doing, saying or what damage my actions could cause them, and just go through life being another dumb fuck, not really trying to make the world a better place for whoever lives here after I’m gone.

Hmmmm... Yeah, that might be the secret to happiness then...

“Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of ignorance.”

-William Gaddis

Now, in all seriousness, how do you stop caring? How do you stop giving a fuck and getting all stressed when stupid or careless people get in the way? And is this a sign that our education or society are fucked? Is this an indication that we, as a country, are going backwards?

Yeah, I think it’s time I practice not giving a fuck. An art that is hard, but I have to try. I don’t think there is a solution, other than removing myself from the equation and just caring only about myself, my family, and my closest friends. Everything else, well, should just go fuck itself...

OK. Yeah, long rant to say that I need to learn to just be careful while not giving a fuck. The one fuck to be given is when my life might be directly affected in a critical way by the acts of stupidity of these people.

EDIT 4 July 2021

"Further afield we observe folks who believe the straight axle of a power stoke diesel is the heart of America, and its flag a set of brass testicles hanging from the trailer hitch. Surely, anyone who questions or rebukes the toxic plume of smoke provided by a "tuned" diesel is the enemy of freedom and the pedal-to-the-metal individuals who write personal and historical narratives to excuse their behavior."

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