12 Stoic Rules For Life

Because there is some order in chaos, and some chaos in order.

Bold text by me. The ones marked are the ones I strive to follow every day.

  1. Rule 1: Own the morning
  2. Rule 2: Only focus on what’s in your control
  3. Rule 3: Don’t suffer imagined troubles
  4. Rule 4: Treat success and failure the same
  5. Rule 5: Just do one thing every day
  6. Rule 6: Make beautiful choices
  7. Rule 7: Constantly ask, “is this necessary?”
  8. Rule 8: Love your fate
  9. Rule 9: Speak with the dead
  10. Rule 10: Be strict with yourself and tolerant with others
  11. Rule 11: Turn obstacles upside down
  12. Rule 12: Remember: you are dying every day

Rule 3 is very powerful. Next time you are feeling stressed or anxious, repeat: stay in the now, focus on what you can control.