Have A Spine

I’m going to start with a quote I read somewhere:

"People are so used to others being indirect and phony that clear direct communication appears aggressive."

Yes. So much, yes.

I don’t remember ever not being called to sit in a meeting with HR, regardless of the company I work for because people couldn’t take the truth or their “feelings” were hurt when I spoke to them in a direct way.

We live in a world where people forget what it is to have a spine. I mean, "Hey, you failed the project, we hired you to fix this and you made it worse. What is the reason? Please go back to it and fix it, we only have two more weeks to go", will surely get me a stern talk to HR. I’m supposed to tell them how good they are and that it is ok to sometimes fail, even if it means the company loses money, and how much I appreciate their work, and please, would you be willing to try again...


Sometimes I wish the asteroid would come and wipe us all. We are a failed species. Let the roaches rule the earth, they have obviously already won.

Yeah... One of those days.