Software Update, Dec 2021

It’s been a minute since the last update. It has been busy around here. Work, life and a few other things (like testing an awesome app for a friend) have kept me off the keyboard for my own app. But as the year comes to an end, I have some time to sit and continue.

The primary effort is still on the web application. The reason is simple, SwiftUI sucks. I hope with Monterey and SwiftUI 3 things got a bit better, but the previous version was so primitive that even small things like programmatically focusing on a text field or button (so I could navigate all with the keyboard and not the mouse) wasn’t supported. Not to mention that performance was atrocious.

So, while I’ll test SwiftUI 3 next, I have been finishing the web UI. Simple does it.

app preview

I added the ability to create any item with one click, and the ability to set which key operations will be linked on the main page (in my case Export and Reconnect). Information is also being saved locally faster, and read from Dropbox, Git, Google Drive, and Azure is a very fast and seamless operation now.

Next, focus on beautifying the UI, reworking the macOS and iOS apps (I hope), and finish my own sync protocol.

Who knows, maybe 2022 will see a new app launched!

Have a happy new year.