What's Going On With The App

Well, made a lot of progress!

Last time I provided an update I left with a few tasks to be completed. The main one was finishing reading / writing files to disk, and working on the overall search function.

I’m happy to report that the application is now saving and loading information from disk, and that information is being synced across multiple computers in a simple and easy way. I can access my data anywhere I want.

I also started and it’s now ready, command line versions of the app that work on macOS, Linux, and Windows.

So, version 0.5 is already usable! No thanks to Apple and the atrocity that is SwiftUI, but I hacked my way through that. Thank you to those of you who helped! I have been using the app for work and personal stuff for several weeks already, and I'm happy to report that in spite of it being still a bit primitive, it works great.

Next comes the search function. It’s a tricky thing. The actual searching inside the data is easy, but the filtering and displaying of that data on the Mac app, yeah, that’s another set of frustrations. But I will do it!

OK, like before, here are the next steps:

  1. Finish coding the search function
  2. Code the proper navigation on the app via keybaord, so I can use it without the mouse
  3. Finish the preferences and settings window
  4. Research what's needed to code the app for Windows

Off to code some more. Wish me luck.

Oh, in case you were wondering, these are the design rules I set for this application.