Simpler Tools and Technologies

I’ve always approached using tools as a means to an end. I use tools as way for me to achieve a goal, or get to a desired result. The tools had enabled me to reach the end result that I was looking for, but they were just that, tools; they did not become the main focus, but a conduit for my work.

The same applies to digital tools and technology in general. I have a small but very focused collection of applications and productivity tools, but those are very simple and their main purpose is to enable me to achieve a goal. Each tool has a purpose, making it easier for me to work on what's in front of me.

I’ve seen friends consumed by their digital tools and technology solutions, always searching for the next tool, the next piece of technology, the next feature. They are always trying new methods and swearing by the newest productivity-enhancing application.

They are always stressed, and they end up not achieving their goals.

I really think we all need to stop, focus on what our end goal is, and find the process that works best for that goal. And then, after that, get the simplest tool that enables you to achieve the goal. A tool that works well with the process. A tool that is quiet, simple, and allows you to get things done.

Technology is a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. Like a hammer, or a screwdriver, technology enables you to get better at things, but you are the one working, you are the one driving the tool. Focus on you, and your goal.

Let’s go back to simpler tools and technologies.