Speed Doesn't Kill

No, speed doesn’t kill. Assholes that drive below the speed limit, and force people that want to be efficient when driving to do crazy things to overtake them, kill.

The above is probably not entirely true, but it is. I mean, driving recklessly is dangerous to you and those around you, but to say “Speed kills, slow down” is bullshit.

People think that if they go slow they make everything safer. Fuck that! People want to go places, they want to do it in an efficient way. If the speed limit is 55 miles per hour, why do you insist on driving at 40 miles per hour? Furthermore, why do you insist on driving at that speed on the fast lane? Look at the mirror! Look behind you? Do you see the long lines of people all giving you the finger?

It’s people going slow and completely oblivious to their surroundings that kills, not speed. Speed limits are already idiotically slow to begin with, and these assholes want to go even slower? It’s people going slow that causes stress, road rage, and causes accidents. The slowfucks are the source of many accidents. Go read the reports. Sure, some were speeding and didn’t know how to drive properly, so they lost control, got it, yes. But read the reports, a lot, and I mean a lot, of those accidents are caused by people trying to deal with slow, idiotic drivers doing stupid things, and then causing other drivers to maneuver around the slow drivers just to stop the pain.

If people actually learned how to drive and speed limits were faster than they are, things would flow, people wouldn’t be stressed and, I’m willing to argue, albeit without facts or knowledge, the number of accidents would go down.

Speed doesn’t kill. Slow drivers do.