Yet Another Rant

What the fuck is wrong with people...?

Yesterday I was coming back from the office. I took the subway - which runs half empty these days in New York City - and I sat on a seat near one of the doors. Opposite to me was this 17-18 year old kid, all “gangstered up” with big baggy pants, a tshirt with holes in it, and a poorly fitting hat. He had an expression of "I'm the boss" as he was scrolling on the phone and talking to his girlfriend, sitting right next to him, and who looked as urban as he did.

This kid was sitting on the seat right next to the door, where the big handrail and pole meet. People entering the car can either stand and grab those, or lean on them, if the subway is too full. There, right on that spot by the door, standing, was this guy. Maybe mid 40s, slightly overweight, and minding his own business. He looked like a business guy with a pair of slacks and a polo shirt. He was reading a Kindle.

The subway stopped all of a sudden, and the guy tried to stop his falling toward that handrail, but wasn't able to. So he landed on the rail. No big deal. But this kid lost it. He began to yell at this guy, puffing and moving his arms in circles, and he said: “What the fuck, man! If you touch me one more time I will fucking destroy your face! You are a motherfucker and I can’t stand people like you!”

What is wrong with people? Where has respect gone? Where has respect for adults gone? The guy showed a lot of self control, not engaging with the kid, and, when it was time for him to get off the train, he essentially wished the kid a good day.

If I were in this situation, and the guy would have been an adult, I would have probably replied something wise-ass to him and gotten in a fight. Yeah, that’s my nature, but this kid...

What the fuck????

I’ve seen, more and more, kids and young adults (18s-20s) have complete lack of respect for anything or anyone, thinking they are entitled to whatever and that hard work and respect is not a thing for them...

Then again, the world as it is today is enabling this behavior.

We are fucked. The world is falling apart. Yes Mother Nature is coming to kill us, but we will die first because each younger generation gets thinner and thinner skin and feels "entitled" to more.

We are fucked.