A Rant

One thing that the lockdowns and social distancing accentuated is my dislike of being in big crowds and surrounded by a lot of people. It’s not that I don’t like people, I just have issues with some of them, and usually those people frequent the same circles I do.

I have trouble with people that don’t respect the space of others, or that only think about themselves and never think ahead of time about how their behavior might affect others.

A simple and stupid example that will drive the point is a person standing in line by an ice cream store. We wait in line, and he is on the phone. It's a long line. I’m waiting behind him. When it’s his turn, he stands there looking at the list of flavors, thinking what he wants to order… Why? You had all the time in the line to think about this. I and other people are behind you waiting, and I know what I want, I had the time to look at the flavor... It’s just annoying, and it irritates me beyond belief.

I know, it’s stupid and I shouldn’t give a fuck, but I do.

I’m trying to detach myself from these feelings, convincing myself that these are somewhat dumb people that don’t know any better. But they are not dumb… So, why? Why are they so selfish and self-centered? Why do they feel like the world owes them things?

I don’t know. Maybe all the social distancing will make this better, but maybe it won’t. I know that I can’t be around those people, it just makes me angry. Unfortunately I work in an industry where I need to work in big cities. Yeah. Do you see the issue?

I’ll work the problem. I have to.