Military Watches

There is a special magic, an attraction to military watches issued back in the day. I haven been fascinated by these tools, built with a purpose, ever since I was issued one at the time of my service.

Here are some examples of classic, collectable pieces.


The US NAVY UDT Canteen


The WWII Clasic A-11


The british issued IWC

Tornek Rayville

The ultra rare Tornek Rayville issued to US Navy UDT and USMC Force Recon

Benrus Type I

Benrus Type I issued to Special Operations


The Seikos used by the MACV-SOG during the Vietnam War

Rolex MilSub

The amazing Royal Navy Rolex MilSub

Eterna Kontiki IDF

The hardcore IDF issued Naval Commandos Eternal Super Kontiki

Tudor MN

The Tudor of the French Marine Nationale

These are just a few examples. Some were purpose-built, some others were civilian watches repurposed for the harsh conditions of military use, however, they all have something in common: legibility and durability.

If you want to see what I call modern military watches, follow the compass here.