Lightweight Software

Modern software is a resource and power-hungry monster. Whether running apps on web browsers, or natively in your devices, most applications are coded without any regards for the amount resources they take from the devices. All this results in battery drain, faster hardware degradation, and slower performace while requiring more and more resources.
This is even more important right now, with people having better options for remote work. Current devices have enable unparalleled mobility, and now people can work anywhere, at any time. And while devices are getting very powerful, batteries are still not all they could be.

This is why I think it's a good idea to go back to simple tools. Working hard and taking the time to make sure the tools we code use the least amount of system resources possible, and, as important, being able to be used offline. Having software require to be online in order to work is bad.

I listed a collection of software design rules while I was designing the app I'm writing, and, as I find msyelf working remotely more and more due to the pandemic, I think we should all revisit those rules and make all our software as lightweight and simple as we can.

Think about it, software can be: