Hosting 47nil

One of the readers (I didn’t know anyone actually read this blog) asked me what I used to host the blog and what framework I was using to write the content. I answered him over email, however I decided to also write the short answer here since it might benefit the other two, maybe three readers of this site.

The answer is simple: the blog is plain HTML and CSS, nothing else, and it’s hosted on Github and served by Netlify, with the domain managed in Hover.

That’s it.

I wrote a simple Golang program that allows me to translate markdown into a webpage, using the formatting of a template. It took me a while to write that, and it looks ugly and it works in an even uglier way, but I wrote it for me.

I’m thinking, however, to clean it a bit and open source it. Maybe someone will find it useful.

Once the new HTML file is ready (in this case host.html), I upload it to the Github repo that I connected to my account on Netlify. Netlify monitors for changes on the repo, and once a chance it’s detected, the content is “deployed”. It takes less than a minute.

On netlify I connected the Github repo and I added a custom domain that I managed in Hover.

All in all, it’s pretty simple.