Last updated: 11/21/2021

I'm a gearhead. I tend to spend WAY too much money on gear. However, good gear will last, so over time that money spent becomes investment. Still, I'm always trying to find the next best thing when one breaks or is past its lifetime.

As a way of intro, I used to climb big mountains, and spent at least 5 months a year outdoors. I also spent many years in the military, usually sneaking into places, calling for very specific gear that needed to survive harsh environments. I know gear. I love good kit.

Below I list my current favourite gear. Mostly for outdoor activities, but some for the daily grind in the city. I try things before I recomend them, and I place a premium on performance, durability, comfort and general experience overall.


I walk and ruck a lot, and when I can I still climb and hike.