Digital Minimalism

I’ve always approached using tools as a means to an end. As I wrote in Simpler Tools and Technologies: technology is a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. Like a hammer, or a screwdriver, technology enables you to get better at things.

For this to work we need to find the right tools. Tools that don't bother us, tools that have a purpose and a reason to exist, and tools that allow us to do better at things. We need tools that don't force us to have to do things the way other people want us to, or that make us work hard to get things done. In short, we need tools that work for us.

Once we find those tools, we can begin to focus on what's important: getting our work done.

Again: tools are means to an end.

So, become a digital minimalist, really focusing on getting the best tools you can get, with a purpose, and making sure that:

We are too busy to fight with technology. Make it work for you.