Why is “coexist” about religion?

Why do you always see the sticker with the religious symbols trying to spell that word?

How come the thing - religion - that is supposed to be the “source of peace”, the “light for the soul”, or the “wisdom to be a better person” is also the thing that prevents us from getting along with one another? The thing that most wars spawn out from?

Because it’s an invention of man. And man is by nature unable to be content.

Human nature is violent and hollow, never finding “enough”. We always want more. We are always not satisfied with what we have.

And we always have trouble accepting those that are different from us. Regardless of what the differences are, but especially about religion.

“No, my god is better than yours”.

“No, he died for us so we could be better, so you should embrace this, or else”.

“No, be scared of him, or we will make you pay for it”.

“No, submit to us and convert, or we will bring the wrath of the middle ages to you and kill your family”.

And on and on it goes.

It sickens me.

I’ve seen it first hand, growing up, during war, and right now, as the world just goes into another rotation of crazy bullshit of religion, politics, and fucked-up human shit.

I’m closing the year with anger, anguish, and a message: No. It will not get better. The future will be more fucked up. We are making it so.