I'm Tired of People

Call me a sociopath, a pariah, an asshole, or whatever you want, but people fucking suck. And you can scream at me, and I don’t give a fuck. In fact, FUCK YOU!

I’m tired of people. I’m tired of their ineptitude, I’m tired of their entitlement (especially the young people), I’m tired of their lack of ownership to their fuckups, I’m tired of their lack of urgency and the fact that their slowness and carelessness is wasting my time.

I am tired of Gen Z thinking the world owes them shit. I am tired of disrespectful teenagers and 20 year olds.

I am FUCKING TIRED of SLOW FUCKS thinking that the world moves at their stupidly slow pace. Their lack of urgency is beyond irritating. Move! Do your shit, and move! And if you don't, let me go first, so I can be effective, do my shit, and go on to the next thing I need to do, and then leave you to your slowness and lack of respect for everyone's time.

Yeah, it's been a crazy time and I've reached my limit with people.